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NFT Non fungible token. Crypto art concept. Technology selling unique collectibles, games

White Label Bitcoin Exchange Script

Bitcoin exchange script allows every one to start their own bitcoin exchange platform with minimal expenditure and faster deployment. JR's white labeled, ready-made exchange script has built with secure back-end, and a set of functionality which is ready to be deployed. Our enhanced bitcoin trading script can be simply customized by implementing your brand logo, templates, themes with your desired UI/UX design that saves development time and cost.

We built featured bitcoin exchange script to build your bitcoin exchange website as all in one stop solution like an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to manage and trade cryptos, trading pairs and coin listings, as well as multipayment and multilingual support.

NFT Game Clone Scripts

Role Playing Game Development
Axie Infinity Clone Script
Zed Run Clone Script
Gods Unchained Clone Script
Splinterlands Clone Script
CryptoKitties Clone Script
Sorare Clone Script
NBA Top Shots Clone Script
MegaCryptoPolis Clone Script
CryptoBlades Clone Script

DeFi Clone Scripts

Pancakeswap Clone Script
MakerDAO Clone Script
1inch Exchange Clone Script
PantherSwap Clone Script
BakerySwap Clone Script
Goose Finance Clone Script
Warden Clone Script
Uniswap Clone Script
Sushiswap Clone Script
Justswap Clone Script


Build your exchange platform with our eye-catchy features and create a seamless experience for your potential users. 

Analytical Dashboards Manage Liquidity API Integrate Multi Cryptocurrency Currency Activation Trade Pairs  Commission Management Centralized Exchange Decentralized Hybrid Exchange (HEX) Escrow Based Exchange Peer to Peer Exchange (P2P) Peer to Admin Exchange (P2A)

NFT Marketplace Clone Script

OpenSea Clone Script
Rarible Clone Script
SuperRare Clone Script
Foundation Clone Script
Decentraland Clone Script
Solsea Clone Script
Sorare Clone Script
Solanart Clone Script
Binance NFT Marketplace Clone Script
Metaverse NFT Marketplace Clone Script
Roll Clone Script
Polkacity Clone Script
Only Fans Clone Script
CryptoPunks Clone Script

DeFi Development

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development
DeFi Development Services
DeFi Yield Farming Development
DeFi Lending/Borrowing Platform Development
DeFi Smart Contract Development
DeFi DApp Development
DeFi Token Creation
DeFi Staking Development
DeFi Exchange Development

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