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Setup a Nft Marketplace

Source code and database files, install to your server and White label custom.

20 Day Delivery

1 Item
Include Design
Upload to Auction Site
NFT Promotion

Tron Metaverse Game

Tron Global 

Tron Global is an investor-based idle game with dividends built on Tron Network blockchain where you you can buy some of the biggest companies in the world to produce as many Gold and Volatile for larger dividend payouts. 

Horse Racing Meta

Metaverse Horse Racing 

The Nakamoto is the most celebrated thoroughbred given that they are the purest racehorses that exist within ZED and are often known as the Samurai breed.


angry pumkins

Angry Pumpkin 

The Angry Pumpkin Club consists of 10,000 unique in-game characters. Each NFT that is owned will be earning a PASSIVE INCOME every day of the year by farming pumpkinCoin on their plot of land which is received by purchasing an NFT.

Space Metaverse

Rocket Racing

Every Rocket Dash rockets purchased or
bred will appear here. You can search any rockets
within the Rocket Dash ecosystem and where it lives on the blockchain.

Metaverse City

Metaverse City 

CrypCade “is the Uber and Airbnb of Arcade”, being an economically sustainable Gaming/ Entertainment ecosystem.Catering for both the high-risk players and the skilled gamers all in one platform, CrypCade is a revolutionary redesign on original arcade systems, integrating skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling


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